Life is so crazily busy that sometimes we forget to take a step back and realise that we seriously need that ‘me’ time. For me this is pretty much everyday. With a weird obsession of filling everyday with everything possible, It’s as though I never EVER want to relax, especially on my days off. For some strange reason I find it unnerving that on my days off they not be full of things to do, as I don’t want the day to go to waste. Yes, I am extremely weird and a lil’ OCD.
Being a blogger this also sets you up for being busy twenty-four-seven along with all the other normal life things like work, houses, family, partners and more. So, I’ve decided (and put this into action) that every 1-2 nights when I come home, not do anythin‘ and literally just relax.And the lil’ beauty that’s helping me do this….the Vogue colouring book. You’re probably thinkin’ seriously there is a colouring book for that and are you 9 years old? But yes, yes there is!
As of the last few months colouring books have become the new trendy thing to do and wanting to have a try of this myself, I was SO excited when I was gifted this at Christmas. Although I get angry with myself when I colour out the lines and I probably should of bought better colouring pens, it totally is a total stress-reliever. Having always bit my lips when nervous or with lots to do, this book allows me to go into my own little world and stop thinkin’ of the to-do list and have fun.
We all need to take a little down time and if you think you need it then I suggest you take it. As after-all we’re here for a long time and we might as wel be happy and stress free!

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x Em x


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