Back on the 18th of March I became the grand ol’ age of 27. Yes, 27. Not old I know but by God it makes you realise you’re life is goin’ quicker by the day. So, in this mist of realising this depressin’ thing, I decided the only thing possible was over-indulgence in the form of cake, cake and even more cake. Let’s just say Colin the Caterpillar from M&S was completely attacked from morning till night. 

Although I had a pretty amazin’ birthday with drinks, shopping and food, it was good ol’ Sues(mother) 60th birthday three days later and as this was the big 6 0 she totally trumped my birthday. After spending a night chowing on down at Gusto in Manchester, the next day we hit the road and headed down to The Emma Bridgewater factory. If those of you don’t know who this is, well firstly, shame on you and second of all, she’s the ridiculously talented designer who literally puts spots on everything…EVERYTHING. With Sue loving her designs and our love of cake we shopped around the factory and snacked on a ginormous feast of afternoon tea. Although the gardens we’re closed we had a beautiful day and as old as I sound, it seriously was a great end to the weekend. 

-For those of you who fancy nippin’ on down to the factory then see all information here 

If you don’t go for pottery then make sure you go for afternoon tea because that’s a good enough reason if you ask me…

x Em x



  1. April 2, 2016 / 9:51 pm

    It was ah-maaaaazing, definitely worth the drive. I'd recommend 🙂


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