Hi Guys, 

This won’t be a long post of me waffling on like usual, but a littlen to explain my lack of presence recently. Like any of us, life goes by seriously so, SO quick and with work being so busy(and life in general), Sarcasm and Style has unfortunately taken a bit of a back seat. Soz. 

With work taking priority as I’m determined to do well….hopefully anyway, the blog will sometimes take a lil’ hit. However, with the amazingly long weekend comin’ up i’m planning on doing some shoots and writing some good content where I will ramble on and on like usual!

So, until then check out a few photos from this weekend gone where I practically lived in my new Asos purchase. 

The jacket I seriously live in. So much that it upset me to wash it….

+Asos– £40.00…Similar product here

(Ridiculously good cocktails at Almost Famous, MCR.)

Be sure to keep checkin’ back as they’ll be better than ever updates and outfit posts very soon!

x Em x


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