Around 3 weeks ago now, I was invited to an event by Manchester Arndale with was centred around makeup and an amazing blogger/Vlogger named Jamie Genevieve. Like the Arndale’s previous events that were oh so good, I was a lil’ excited for this one to arrive. Driving frantically over after work on Friday evening, I found myself, funnily enough, applying makeup whilst trying to drive. Okay, firstly please no-one else do this as it is dangerous-I just like to live on the edge…. only jokin’, I just couldn’t turn up looking rough. 

Anyway, after frantically applying some bronzer and a slap dash of blusher(plus my take on highlighting) off I went. Arriving a lil’ after 6 and meeting the rest of the blogger gals, we munched on the amazing makeup cakes(see above photo) and awaited Jamie to be ready to roll. In all honesty not only am I not great at makeup, but also at watching people do makeup either-This probably is why I can’t even get eyeshadow to stay on?  But I was excited to see Jamie come out and do her thang, as after all i was down for anything that would give me any little tip for makeup. 

Jamie if you don’t know is a serious power player in the Instagram world. With over 300k followers(un-REAL,I know), great post engagement and a serious talent, she’s propelled into Vlogging fame, but yet stays so seriously down to earth. With the occasional swear word, thick accent and proper sarcastic humour, I loved her. Not only this but she was once a normal working gal too!

After Jamie finished the lucky competition winners makeup, we all asked questions, found out tips and sipped on bubbly. What a seriously good start to a Fri night, eh?

Thanks to Manchester Arndale, I had another great event, and one that has made me realise just how much need to up my makeup game!

P.s If you fancy takin’ a closer look at Jamie, her links are below:




 Jamie doin’ her thing and making up a lucky competition winner. 

-Are you a gooden at makeup?

x Em x


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