Every now and then I seriously love a bit of relaxation time. After stressful days at work, home or just general life, things can get on top of you, and if you’re like me you’ll be fashionin’ some kind of tension hunch at the back of your neck-Sex.On.Legs, I know. So, when I received a massage/spa as a gift for my birthday, I was beyond bloody delighted and pretty much counted down the days to when I could get rid of this hunch. 

Along came Sunday 15th May and myself and Sue(the mother) trotted into town ready to get our message on. Settling on down in the Neo-Derm  lobby and awaiting our slot, we we’re a lil apprehensive as to what was goin’ to happen. And if I’m brutally honest, having never received a massage by a man before, I was a lil’ bit on edge. However, walking into our room, lying on the bed and finally receiving the massage, we seriously couldn’t of been more wrong. With soft touch, an amazing personality and their ability to make us feel so comfortable, it set the scene so much that at the end of the appointment, we didn’t want to leave. We opted for the 6 in one treatment where the massage hit all points of the body over a course of 2 hours. With head, facial, arms, hands, legs and neck, two hours later we strode out the office feelin’ a million times lighter. And to top it all off we finished the day with shopping at Manchester Andale and afternoon tea, what a Sunday.

Thanks to the lovely lot at Neo-Derm, Manchester I’ll definitely be goin’ back!

x Em x


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