We all pretend our life is oh so glamorous on the Internet.

Whether it be Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, let’s be honest our lives just ain’t as it seems via the photographs, right? C’mon now, that flat-lay shot of your new shoes, a faux flower from IKEA and some midi rings that you don’t even wear anymore, well….is that seriously what you’d do with those items? Don’t get me wrong I seriously love a flat-lay because as a blogger this means I don’t need to brush my hair or look presentable for the photo (BOOM, let’s be doin’ more of them). And although pretty photo’s are a key piece for our branding/aesthetic of our blogs, it can sometimes be ridiculous. Although I don’t have thousands of followers(cue tears and violins), its sad how badly I’ve sometimes wanted to throw up a photo from my night out with the girls or that stupid photo of my mum from Snap chat, but no it can’t be done. Urgh. That might sound pretty pathetic to some, and to be honest it probably is.
Instagram I openly admit is my favvvvvvvvvvvourite platform of them all. With endless photo’s, amazing clothes to oogle at and so many fluffy dogs, It’s an absolute dream. However, as this becomes an even greater marketing tools for business’, being a blogger you find yourself trying to adapt too and keep a ‘clean’ platform and brand of yourself. If anyone knows me they’ll know I’m a marketers dream, once buying a Evian water spray bottle simply because Lauren Conrad did. £15 quid lighter and a can of water later, it’s safe to say after 4 years I’ve still got that piece of crap.
Anyway, as Instagram grows more by the masses you find that everyone starts to have some distorted reality of life. Many a time I’ve checked another bloggers account and longed for their clothes or wondered if they’ve got a greater blogging life than me(or life in general)….until stepping back and thinking, EMMA WHY DO YOU CARE?
Although I’m basically slagging off the poser photo’s, ridiculous flat-lays and myself as a blogger, I’ve realised recently that as much as I LOVE pretty photo’s and everything lookin’ amazing on social media, it truly ain’t real life. When I’m feelin’ a lil’ bit disheartened I remember there is more to life than social media, staged photo’s and likes. And by that, I mean there is spending the day in bed with bowls of cocoa pops and my dog. What.A.Blogger.

-Have you ever felt seriously overwhelmed by social media too?

x Em x



  1. May 6, 2016 / 5:53 pm

    Couldn't agree more.. sometimes I find myself not posting on instagram because nothing I've done in the past few days fits in with my 'theme'. I'm also being fussy about finding a new place to live because I want it to be somewhere pinterest worthy, which I know is just silly. Seeing other girls with perfect social media feeds makes me feel so inadequate because my life is 90% bed and a bowl of cocopops x

    nishKpatel | A Manchester Style & Beauty Blog

  2. May 6, 2016 / 7:35 pm

    Aren't we rock and roll Cocoa pops lovers haha. Hopefully see you soon lovely xx

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