We all know from my Instagram that i’ve got this lillllll obsession with shoes at the moment, and mule shoes in particular. So, not having done a blog post in some time I thought it best to bash these beauties out even if the only opportunity is in me aunties back garden whilst trying to dodge the raindrops. Glam blogger style or what eh?!And with only Sue(the mother) available to shoot the shots, I give you these “epic’ photos below(absolute sarcasm there).
These beautiful mules are from the amazin’ online store, EGO Official and are seriously SO comfy considering there’s no back to the heel. With cross front design and faux suede finish, they’ve given my recent looks an added bit of glam even if i’m just hittin’ up the local pub(whilst pretending I’m somewhere so much more glam). 

Mules are a key piece for any fashionista this coming Summer season and with a variety out there from mini heel, midi and stiletto, they’re a shoe you’ve gotta be gettin’ in that shoe-drobe.
See below for my everyday styling of the EGO Kimmie mule, which by the way is a bargain at £24.99. Also, in-case you care for another nosy, a post for night time dressing of these beauties will be up soon…

Up close and personal on the mule, letting you see that (disgusting foot) and the beautiful shoe itself. Which if I’m honest makes my feet look 5/10 in comparison to the normal 2 haha.

To see more mules at EGO then simply click here

-Are you a mule lover?

x Em x


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