Okay, I’m sorry for totally deceiving you into thinking that you’ll be seeing some form of amazing makeup and some ultra glam and beautiful lookin’ version of me doing several selfies. Well all of the above would be hilarious, as if you know me and my makeup skills, it’s so basic. However, when the lovely people at Spectrum gifted me these beauties I thought to myself, ‘it’s time to get that contour face on’. With beautiful colouring, SERIOUSLY soft brush heads and a brush to fit every makeup manoeuvre, it’s my absolute aim to get some form of contour goin’, or at least defined cheekbones. C’mon now, who wouldn’t love a defined set of cheekbones?
Although I know (and admittedly) state my makeup skills are absolutely basic, these beauties are making me want learn a few new makeup skills. No longer will I just apply a swipe of concealer and ‘cain’ the bronzer for my everyday(and surprisingly night time too), look. So, this weekend I’m aiming to stop being so sarci(God help me) and watch a few Youtube vids to give me total makeup inspo. As after all if you’ve got these beautiful brushes, why wouldn’t you want to use them to the extreme?
Keep checkin’ back as i’ll take few snapshots of my everyday look/attempt on a contour that these sassy as brushes create.

Should you want to shop any of these 10 piece beauties just click here
Also, their Instagram is pretty dreamy too, check this by clicking the below
Spectrum Instagram

x Em x

P.s, Are you a good contour/make-up kinda gal?


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