Since we we’re about 16 years old we’ve always been on some sort of holiday. Mostly ‘girly’ ones where we basically dressed a bit skanky and thought we could dance so good whilst secretly being drunk off around 2 watered down ‘sex on the beach’ cocktails. Ridiculous I know.
 And as the years have gone by these girly holidays always seem to get a little shorter, less and then result in not even happening. I know life goes on as you grow older and you have put your money elsewhere, but this Summer a few of us we’re determined to still do one even if it was in the UK.
With around one month of planning, all paid up and packing the night before, we found ourselves rockin’ up to Centerparks Sherwood Forest. Yep, that’s right. No exotic or party central place anymore but a sunny UK family spot. It’s ridic how rock and roll we are…..
As much as I joke we actually did have an amazing time. Staying for 4 days, drinking, eating(what felt like everything in sight) and doing a few activities, it felt good to be gettin’ back to that girly time. Okay, so it was a Lil different than one of the pack snogging some rotten lad, another throwing up constantly and me hiding from the Sun in my apartment with the air-con on, but it was amazin’ all the same.
Moral of the story: No matter where you go you’ll always have that good time with your girls.

Thanks to em’ all and Centre parks for actually being amazin’ considering we we’re riding round, drinking and being our stupid selves amongst 5,000(OK, not that many), families, it was a pretty top trip. 

Breakfast of dreams…I mean… Instagram dreams, right thur.

A day at the ‘beach’ playing frisby with the girls and wishing i was ramming pancakes in my mouth from the nearest restaurant. Yet, I was off to Yoga…..

Pimms, all day. Pretty much everyday, 

The bunch of weirdos I went with, but had an amazing time with. 

Plus, eating and drinking all weekend whilst wearing joggers 24/7=Absolute GOALS.

-Have you been to Centerparks before? 

x Em x



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