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If you’re like me then you struggle to find the perfect scent. And then when you do, you grasp onto it so badly that it gets bought for you continuously every Christmas, birthday or actually any significant event in your life. Pretty sad but winning for me-saving money and smellin’ like a dream, thanks guys, thanks.
Anyway, point of the story being…that as ridiculously expensive perfume is, I genuinely wait for when my boyfriend goes away and he treats me to a bottle(I think they call it being nice/kissin’ ass). So, when he was heading to Nigeria (yes, seriously), for work last month I was hoping on some new Marc Jacobs Daisy, but what I got back was even a lil’ bit better. Say hello to Daisy Dream, Marc Jacobs new take on the Daisy line. With it’s mixed smells of Daisy and Flowerbomb it’s the ultimate perfume dream.
Be sure to test out this beauty as you’ll seriously be impressed, and with it nearly half the price of Flowerbomb, I think we all know who’s winnin’ here eh?!

FYI-In case any of you fancy treatin’ me to a bottle, I take Gucci Guilty- thanks 😉

Check out more on just dreaming with Marc Jacobs

What’s your favourite perfume? 

x Em x



  1. September 22, 2016 / 10:12 am

    I haven't seen this one yet, but I love all the other Marc Jacobs fragrances. I will check this one out too.

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