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If your like me then you’ll love to give yourself that lil’ bit of pampering time. Okay, granted this isn’t as much as it used to be due to hectic days at work, a dog, house renovations and blogging, but that’s what makes it even more special when it happens. Around every 3 weeks I like to stop in to my nail lady, Mandy, and get a fresh set of Shellac nails to keep me feelin’ all glam without actually doing the painting myself(lazy I know). However, one day I was contacted by the lovely bunch at KISS who asked if I’d like to review their French Manicure stick-on-nails. Usually I’d be like, erm no I’m too lazy for this nail care stuff, but going against this and realising I’d love to see just what all the fuss was about, I accepted and waited on the parcel. 

For those of you lot who don’t know who KISS are, well….they’re a brand who specialises in perfecting those home manicures, giving you that beauty boost on your hands without leaving the house. From decorative false nails, french manicures and loads more, they aim to make you feel all kinds of beautiful but at a fraction of the salon cost(ERM,that’d be great thanks). And when I received my beauties through the post I was a lil’ bit excited to test them out. Although this isn’t a main review on the product, it’s a snippet to let you know about the brand, be sure to check them out and  check back soon for a few photo’s of just how my French manicured nails turned out. Trust me that from what I’ve heard about KISS, you’ll definitely wanna be tryin’ these too. 

To shop the products simply click here

x Em x 

**Note: The above nails are Shellac and not those of KISS**


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