Just what to wear when you're feeling a little chubs

(P.s Yes that is a broken fridge, that’s just how I roll….) 

It’s the Christmas period, your wondering why those high-waist skinnies don’t fit, clocked your double chin in the mirror and wondering why your rockin’ that shape called ’round’, 24/7. Yep, you guessed it right, you’ve been hiding it from yourself for sometime, but you’ve put on those ba****d Christmas rolls. You know, the one’s that give you that ‘mum’ pouch in your jeans, those lil’ bumps and lumps killing that amazin’ top you’ve been waiting to wear, and don’t get me started on the neck fat. I know what your thinkin’….neck fat? Yeah, you heard right. 

Although quite a lot of you blessed people don’t get these kind of horrible body issues at Christmas, for the vast majority of us we get em’ and rather than cutting back before the big day hits, we simply continue and then find out just what to wear to hide em’. Which people, brings me to this post! 

All of the above is basically me through and through. And although I say Christmas rolls, well, it’s probably just yearly rolls as I pretend I’m gonna be healthy and then out comes the cake. So, for all you like me who tend to try and fit to their ever-changing shape, I give you my outfit shots above and below. This was taken around 3 weeks ago(when I was probably 7lbs down in weight tbf)and really wasn’t feelin’ my body. So, for when those days come I tend to dress in some items that aren’t as fitted but are still nipped in on certain places to keep that silhouette. After all there’s hiding the weight in style and then there’s looking like you resemble the bird lady out of Home Alone. 

See below for a little bit of inspo on just how I tackled those Christmas rolls…..and then probably finished the day off with a KFC. 

Just what to wear when you're feeling a little chubs

Just what to wear when you're feeling a little chubs

Just what to wear when you're feeling a little chubs

Outfit details:

Khaki maxi length coat- Missguided, old. Similar here 

Long black knit dress- Monki @Asos

Speckled bobbie hat- Primark. Similar here

Fiercest floral boots EVER- EGO

Jewellery- Mixture of H&M

-Have you guys ever felt a lil’ bit chubs and dressed to feel better? 

(c’mon now, let’s not lie)

x Em x

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  1. December 20, 2016 / 8:01 am

    Lots of shift dresses that don't cling are the key to covering up! (My go too!)

  2. December 20, 2016 / 9:15 am

    I find myself pigging out so much near Christmas time… this has just given me an blog post idea perhaps haha great outfit btw, looks very toasty!

    Oliver x

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