easter hot cross bus with sarcasm and style and marks and spencer

*Photo’s are of the hot cross buns pre toasting because no-one needs to see a burnt piece of bread (because I can’t toast stuff).

It’s Not Just Any Easter Hot Cross Bun…. | A Review 

Easter doesn’t always have to be about chocolate, food, drink and going out with ya mates. Hahahahaha jokes it does. And when it involves Marks And Spencer’s food then it TOTALLY does. So, as much as I’m trying to be good whilst partially trying to do Slimming World still (see previous post on SW here) when the lovely PR team asked me to sample some Easter goodies and review, I was right on it.

If you ain’t heard of M&S you’re weird or living under some kind of massive ass rock, and for all of those who do, you’ll know just how bloody amazin’ their food is. I’d be lying if I didn’t admit it wasn’t the cheapest of the food chains because it’s up there above Sainsbury’s, but by God for that extra bit of money do you get some seriously good grub. 

a review on easter food with sarcasm and style and marks and spenders

Every Easter, every chain comes out with their different types of food for us all to chow on down that special Sunday and Marks‘ seriously set their bar high. So, when I received my mound of goodies I was dead (Manc word for excited), excited for me to be able to get home and scoff them ASAP. With cheesy hot cross buns, carrot cake hot cross buns, chocolate hot cross buns, Easter eggs and loads more, I was set for a proper pre-Easter treat.

Take a sneaky peek below at just what I received (and consumed so quickly)

-Nutty Surprise egg
-Laidback lamb egg (Only available in store)
-Chocolate orange hot cross buns
-Carrot cake hot cross buns
-Original hot cross buns
-Cheesy hot cross buns

All of which can be found here

a review on easter food thanks to sarcasm and style and marks and spencer

I’d be lying to you if I said from all the food that I received, I liked. Each to their own with everyone having different taste buds, but I found that the best of the bunch was the two eggs (chocolate, obvz) and the chocolate & orange hot cross buns.  Even though I’m always down for tryin’ new food, those we’re both a liiiiil’ too out there for me. But, I’ve always been one for chocolate over everything.

a easter review thanks to sarcasm and style and marks and spenders

Chocolate eggs are meant to be amazing no matter what, but this one was seriously a.m.a.z.i.n.g. On paper it shouldn’t do as it’s got nuts within milk chocolate, but the taste of them both together was the best thing I’ve tasted in a long time. Guaranteed this ain’t really an egg for children but for all the rest of us, its an actual dream.

*Be prepared to eat it ALL in one sitting.No joke.

Although the ‘Nutty surprise’ ain’t one for the kids, ‘laid-back lamb’ totally is. Although it’s a simple milk chocolate base with some additional white piping on the top, it’s the perfect go-to Easter egg to treat your children too. Or, if your lookin’ to nibble, then you too! 

Thanks to Marks’ for gifting me these goodies and the lovely lad in M&S Bury who sorted them out for me, my waistline is currently screaming Emma, you’ve had loads of fun but seriously STOP EATING.

-What types of food are you stuffing in your face this Easter Sunday?

x Em x

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  1. April 25, 2017 / 7:19 am

    Oh M&S treats are literally one of the bests!!! That chocolate egg looks like a dream! However, since being little and living in Lithuania I would always get Kinder Surprise and for me it is the best easter treat! xx


  2. April 25, 2017 / 7:55 pm

    Not sure I should have looked at those bits of food this late into the day! Now I have to go and try and box up some of tomorrow's food prep without eating it! haha

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