Holiday Essentials You Need This Summer | Fashion


Holiday Essentials You Need This Summer | Fashion

Summer’s here(or gone if we’re being totally honest) , those skimpier outfits are callin’ and so is your bank, as you’ve drained it to death trying to find the perfect outfits. So, I’m here to give you a lil’ lowdown on the holiday essentials you need this Summer.
FYI, if you don’t like straw items, pearls or OTT things then you might as well just check out a different post now; maybe this one? Or just go elsewhere, yeah?

Many of you will know that I have a full time job alongside this blog(probs because I’m hardly on here anymore, sorry about that) , but with this job comes great perks. For instance, there’s job satisfaction and all that, but also a shed load of shoes that I can get my mitts on dead easy.
Shoes are seriously some of my favourite things to collect, much to Duffs hatred, yet when they transform your outfit, make you feel fit as and are cheap and cheerful then sign me up. Which is why I’d like to introduce to you the all shoe beauties(and more) within this post which have totally helped me to ‘up’ my holiday outfits whether it was night or day.

Holiday Essentials You Need This Summer | Fashion


Just look at these studded slider beauties from  EGO and seeing me throughout the Summer season so that my feet look a lil’ less rank than they normally do.


Holiday Essentials You Need This Summer | Fashion

See that straw bag above, that’s ma main bag right thur. Seriously, even though it apparently ‘looks like I’m going shopping’ or as Duff says regularly “You ain’t comin’ out with me with that”, it’s the perfect bag for any Summer outing. And definitely made multiple appearances in Santorini.
Although I nabbed this bargain for £9.99 from TKmaxx, I’ve found some similar ones here 


Holiday Essentials You Need This Summer | Fashion


Bug-eyed and beautiful. these brown tone tortoishell ASOS sunglasses are the perfect addition to my everyday holiday style. Guaranteed that half the time that style is a bikini, worn by me in the shade with the fod on show and the fringe clipped back.

Glamorous fashion blogger eat ya heart out…


Holiday Essentials You Need This Summer | Fashion

Although these amazin’ espadrilles above aren’t for sale on EGO anymore, as they’re a trusty style for every Summer, you can still shop them here or at loads of other retailers.

-What are your fave Summer pieces to take on holiday?

x Em x

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  1. August 15, 2017 / 8:15 am

    Loving this article. Those sliders and the espadrilles are lush. I need to book another holiday.

  2. August 15, 2017 / 8:20 am

    Wow I love the studded sliders. Perfect for adding a touch of glam to a holiday look!

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