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Disclaimer: This post should of totally hit send around a month back(okay, or maybe two), but, well….life got a lil’ crazy. So, If you’re lookin’ for next year or even now, see my top tips and places below in the amaze, Santorini.


“I’VE BEEN THERE”, pretty much the 3 words I’ve said non-stop since I’ve come back from Santorini. Known as the ‘ideal’ place for couples, sunset central and an all round beaut, when it came to choosing a last min holiday this August, we we’re right on it. Like, seriously on it.

Having heard how everyone raves about it,  I thought I’ve gotta get myself there to see those pretty cliffs, plus if you don’t know…well, it’s Greece and they do dead nice Feta cheese too.

Fatness(and cheese) aside, come July 31st and boarding the plane, we’d decided to stay in Kamari. Known for it’s pebble (aka majorly painful on your feet)beach which featured amazing little tavernas and was majorly quieter than that of the hotspots, such as OIA and FIRA, from the get-go I knew we’d found a lil’ gem.

With idyllic lil’ boats on the beach, quaint deck chairs and stray (yet cute AF) dogs, it’s the perfect place for that relaxed vibe. Plus, dogs in any location is a total winnin’ combination.

Those lil’ tavernas I talked about that had allll the cheese in? Yeah, they were all just like this beauty below. With a cute sea view, candlelight and this proper nice atmosphere, every night was so good regardless of the food I was stuffing in my face. With around 100 or more all located along the beachfront, we found a new one to hit up every night. Although we’d actually opted for an All Inclusive the food wasn’t up to much so regardless of paying for the package, we knew eating out was a must. Plus, they didn’t even serve Halloumi. Like, WTF? (hello generalisation).

Word up: If your planning to eat and drink out every night it can be a lil pricey. Maybe don’t opt for 9 course meals like us lard arses, as they do accommodate for lighter meals too. In honesty the most expensive thing on the island, like many others, is the alcohol. If you’re up for a good time but want to keep those purse strings tight then simply ask for Greek beer and stick to spirits. Something we had the pleasure of learning 4 days in after 5,00000 £15 cocktails that tasted like I was drinking bottled water with a lil’ kick of peach juice. Plus, those over-sized Greek spirit measures always came into play.

Don’t get me wrong I do think Santorini can totally be done on a budget, but for those of you who wish to indulge a little because it’s your one holiday of the year (or years) then definitely hit up those lil’ restaurants.

Now I’ve severely rambled on about my food choices, its time to give you that little snapshot of where we stayed. Classed as an authentic Greek hide-away (aka wooden beds) with a modern twist (a snazzier shower head), as soon as we saw it we knew it’d be the place we’d want to stay.

Known as Hotel Makarios, it was a short 5 min walk from the main strip so you could treat yourself to a quieter day by the pool followed by a ridiculously strong G&T at night.  I know i’d noted the food wasn’t amaze, but the price we paid for an all inclusive lovely hotel was the same as that of a ‘shack’ located in-land with self catering only. Run by an amazing family who literally couldn’t have been more catering to us, I’d highly recommend time and time again for anyone to go here.

Plus, if i’m totally transparent with you, it was an amazing price, situated in Kamari and cheaper than all those snazzy cliff side villas. Who needs to have an infinity pool when you’ve got all you can eat cheese & ham toasties throughout the day, eh?

Dainty traditional Greek houses littered the main strip . FYI: I know when you read ‘strip’ you’re thinkin’ of an old girls holiday when you we’re 17 and watching your mates drink body shots off people. No?

Well, don’t think like that for Kamari, because it was beyond a beauty.

Perissa beach, Santorini

In total honesty i can’t give a true picture of what this area was like, as we literally drove through and stayed for around half an hour. What I can tell you from what I viewed in that short period of time, is that it’s definitely no Kamari. Although the beach front and scenery was still beautiful in itself, the outer areas seemed a little rough around the edges. This isn’t to say it wouldn’t be an amazing place to visit, but i’d recommend other areas of Santorini first.

This view: I’d taken this snapshot whilst drinking a cold orange and regretfully wearing black on a 32 degree day sat in a small Fiat Punto. With people milling around, sunbathers topping up their tan and people munching on food, it was totally a relaxed time well spent even if only for a short duration.

Whilst driving( Duff was rallying really, I like to think he thought he was in a go cart) around, we stumbled across this beaut of a church (Or so I think it’s church?)- I know, the award for the worlds worst Travel blogger ever goes to me.

With clean walls, striking blue tops and a beautiful backdrop, this gem totally restored my imagination in some of the good things i’d heard of Perissa before heading on that plane over.

OIA, Santorini

Cue white villas with infinity pools, striking cliff edges and a load of bloggers walking down steps ushering the cameraman down behind em’. That’s the first image in your mind when I say Santorini, eh? It was totally mine and as much as that sold it to me, when you actually get to this ridiculously beautiful island you see between those blogger ideals and relish it for the beauty that it actually is.

OIA, although not known as the capital it’s by far the most breathtaking area of Santorini Island. A firm fave, but not my number one spot for holidaying in Santorini, it’s right up there behind Kamari. Many people would totally disagree with me on this, as lets be honest this area is pretty fucking amazing. But, for me although the town was beyond any dream I could ever think of, it was just TOO busy. Littered with people everywhere, squashed paved corridors and severely over-priced for everything, it totally dampened the area and any idea of staying there longer than 1 day.

 No doubt if you we’re staying in the beautiful cliff-side villa’s you may think different, but with no easy access to a beach front, or little quiet street to walk down, you’re very much emerged into the tourist life in this beautiful town.

Either way busy streets or no busy streets it’s beauty shines through, and I’d captured this in a few snapshots below….

Those small food spots, taking in the scenery (and an overpriced tuna sandwich) whilst baking in the sun. Surrounded by traditional pottery and tourists from my left to right, this was the one opportunity to get away and sit from the crowds to take that sun in.

Mini streets between OIA we’re littered in shops, restaurants and quaint places to sit and chat. Seriously beautiful and oh SO ‘instagrammable’.

 The world renowned Santorini sunset.


Although we’d witnessed the sunset every night from our spot on a Kamari taverna stuffing our faces, the sunset up in OIA is literally like no other. Occurring later evening and a beautiful burning red colour, it’s a definite must see for any visitor to the island. I do have to pre warn, this is like a total mecca for tourists. So, every night it’s rammed full with people from the entry of OIA to the very tip where this very image was shot.Be sure to make sure you get there early!

Top tip: We chose to go up there around 6pm, head to the tip of the island and sat down in a restaurant that overlooked the sea. Eating away, being able to sit down and witness the beaut of a sunset, it was a perfect end to a perfect week. And although this island in general can be unbelievably busy, there is those select areas and sneak coves where you can totally unwind. I’d go back time and time again and you never know, next time I could be in one of the snazzy sea villas? HA,  let’s be honest it ain’t happenin’.


Have you ever been to Santorini? What’s your fave spot?

x Em x


P.S And one last thing- Make sure you hire a car, they’re affordable and can easily whip you around the island without having to go on an over-expensive, sweaty tour bus.
















  1. October 26, 2017 / 7:20 am

    Gosh I can almost feel the sunshine coming through these photos! Never been but it’s on my list

    • emma
      October 26, 2017 / 8:11 pm

      it’s beautiful- definitely put it on the list! x

  2. October 26, 2017 / 3:22 pm

    Oh my gosh, Emma! Santorini looks absolutely stunning! I think it is more of a luxury type holiday than we go for – especially hearing about the price of eating out! Blimey!
    I love how the whole places seems to naturally have it’s own Insta filter on it already. I have been to Greece before, but I’ll have to see whether I can do budget in Santorini. Thanks for sharing your trip.

    • emma
      October 26, 2017 / 8:11 pm

      haha yes it was an expensive one for us, but not as much as you’d think!

      It’s probably relative to most Greek Islands….maybe plan a year in advance or last min like us 🙂

      Thanks for having a read xx

    • emma
      October 28, 2017 / 7:13 pm

      Definitely do it! It’s SO child out and well worth the visit xx

  3. Laura
    May 4, 2018 / 11:35 am

    LOVE this post! I’ve wanted to go to Santorini for so long I need to get it booked 🙂 x

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