How *Not* To Contour | Beauty

How *Not* To Contour | Beauty

Most gals these days know just how to contour, or at least make their face a lil’ bit more ‘on point’ with the help of good ol’ makeup. However, there are those type of girls (aka me) who just can’t get it right no matter what. So much that my chubby face will no doubt continue to look like a pile of cr*p, and if i’m totally honest I just can’t be arsed finding out how to contour it right now. Instead of contouring up my cheeks(I think that’s what you do), at 5am before work, you’ll find me hittin’ snooze for the 50th time and slayin’ the latest basic bronzer Boots can offer.

All jokes aside – although i’ve always been one for the more ‘natural’ look (aka lazy and hardly anything), i’d still absolutely love to find out how to contour whether I could actually do it or not. If this means me scouring Youtube or pestering the sh*t out of my work mate, Cara then so be it. But, until then i’ll have to deal with making my basic daily makeup routine a little bit better, and to do this comes from the help of Joan Collins beauty products. Yeah I know what you’re thinking- ‘Emma, thats makeup for oldies’ and in honesty when presented with the opportunity I thought so too. However, after receiving the makeup not only is it pretty good but if it can make Dame Joan slay the beauty game daily, then it should to for me too, right? RIGHT?

A minimal foundation lover, I felt most at home with the concealer that provided amaze coverage. Thicker than normal ones I’ve used before but without the clogging of the pores, it seemed keep in that beautiful, no under-eye bags effect for a loooong ass day.

Below is a lil’ snapshot of the items which I used from the range, and although they’re pretty basic and some makeup pro’s may think I’m a joke, this amount of makeup for a base layer is actually quite a lot for me. Usually a girl with a dab of under-eye concealer, bronzer, blusher and mascara this was a proper big step, and one that I want to repeat constantly. As after all, as vain as it is who doesn’t love to resemble a girl who’s got her makeup ‘shit together’ everyday.

In honesty the power was used on this testing routine, and worn out for that day but I wouldn’t opt for wearing it everyday. Totally great in covering and masking over an area’s, but i felt it just was a little bit too O.T.T for my routine. However, come that night out when I’m ready to smash a gin in my face and dance on down, by God it’ll be gettin’ used because if makeup is what a gal needs to get through anything, then damn right she should use it.

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x Em- the-lowsy-makeup-gal x

FYI: This isn’t a sponsored post, but just a piece that I thought I’d love to share x


  1. Katya Willems
    November 12, 2017 / 6:50 pm

    So Joan Collins does make up? I had no idea! Love this blog post, you’re v honest and it’s such fun to read! xx

    • emma
      November 12, 2017 / 8:43 pm

      Thanks lovely!

      Yep, I had no idea she did either! Surprisingly so good too!


  2. November 13, 2017 / 8:06 am

    I’m rubbish at my makeup! I swear by YSL Fusion Ink foundation though. I’ve never tried contouring… haha!

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