Hello 2018, And Hello New Goals | Lifestyle

Hello 2018, And Hello New Goals | Lifestyle

It’s come to that time of year (and mega quickly might I add), when we all set ourselves those goals, and reflect on what we’ve actually achieved over the past year. Sometimes when we’re doing this we look far too harshly on what’s actually happened and what we really wanted to achieve. And with that added pressure it’s no wonder that these days the majority of young adults feel like they “need to get their shit together” quicker, resulting in anxiety, stress and actually missing out on the fun things in life. ¬†In saying this, I’ve totally been one of those people i’ve just mentioned, and to this day I still can be.

Every year when I create those goals (and sometimes forget about them by the time it’s got to May-Like did I really lose a stone?Ha no), I still love to create them year-after-year so I can give myself a lil’ bit of something to strive to. Half the time these don’t work to plan but being someone who loves a bit of structure, I welcome these with total open arms. So, with this being said, take a nosy at the below where i’m noting down a few things I’d love to conquer for 2018….

  • Continue to pursue my lil’ space of the internet, and to a much greater extent. Aka get my shit together and blog a whole lot more.
  • Exercise to feel better and relieve any pent up stress (because we all get it, right?)
  • Read LOTS more- something i absolutely love to do on holiday, so why not continue at home.
  • Push myself through my work-life and continue to learn in outside hours. Because the digital world is always bloody changing.
  • Take more trips with Duff(Boyfriend) & Frankie (Frenchie)
  • Learn to live in the moment and stop refreshing the sh*t out of Instagram- It.CAN.wait.
  • Be my best self- As utterly cheese as F as that sounds sometimes its seriously hard to do when you’re trying to please so many.

Hello 2018, And Hello New Goals | Lifestyle


Although I’ve set these goals what I do have to re-remind myself (and all you lot), is that although its great to strive for better, to challenge yourself and reach for those stars, it’s also great to have your feet on the ground and keep afloat. ¬†Because after all, you can project some perfect life on social, but if in reality its crumbling then what’s even the point!





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