10 Things You Didn't Know About Me| Lifestyle

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Me| Lifestyle- 

Yeah I know what you’re sayin’ to yourself right now ‘every bloody blogger is doin’ this on insta-stories’ , and yeah i’ve just happily jumped on that bandwagon too. For those of you who don’t read my blog, or haven’t since the beginning, I feel you might not know me to an extent….which probably doesn’t help that i’ve hardly had time to jot down any posts, but here we go…..

  1. I have this mega weird obsession with listening to water sounds at bed-time. Specifically water running in a bath from outside the bathroom. Yes, I have that preference, and yes its immensly weird.
  2. Crisps are my best friend- I know this isn’t a major fact and everyone has they’re preferred carb or chocolate, but my love for crisps is DEAD strong.
  3. Blogging allowed me to get a better future. This one you may have heard me witter on about before, but this lil’ old space of mine seriously gave me the ammunition (along with ridiculous dedication), to get further in my working life. I’d always known that Marketing was the working end-game but didn’t have the experience to go alongside this, so not only did this blog allow me to work creatively, but pushed my working experience further forward too.
  4. Fluffy- My best friend/ teddy from the age of 1-19….I actually don’t know where it’s gone now which is bad, and ironically the teddy wasn’t even fluffy in body, but it never left my side throughout my childhood.
  5. When I’m a lil’ stressed which most of the time is without me actually even realising, I start to nibble on my lips. FYI not in some kind of sexual, fit AF way, but in like a nervous twitch way- Sex goddess, eat ya heart out.

10 Things You Didn't Know About Me| Lifestyle

   6. I don’t think i’ve ever really spoke about my family in-depth on here yet my sister, Claire, has made a mention once or twice. However, what most don’t know is that I do actually have a brother too! His name is Joseph, he’s 7 and a loveable witty little lad typical of his age.

       7. I have a weakness for a side bag. Okay, this might not be such a massive and extraordinary confession, but i do, it’s true. GIVE ME THEM ALL.

      8.  When I was younger, I was partial to some contemporary dancing. *Cue flailing arms in the air and replicating a tree like motion*.

     9. My middle names are: Emma Louise Elizabeth Ryan- sound all posh don’t I. If only….

    10. If you give me a packet of salt and vinegar stick crisps, a tub of sour cream dip and a bottle of coke, I’m the happiest (and probably fattest) that i’ll ever be.

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