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“Standard”. The response from loads of girls when they hear that i’m a blazer addict, and probably if they heard anyone else sayin’ it too.

Blazers are totally smashing the game right now and are a key piece going forward into SS18. Whether it be floral, brightly coloured, soft pastels or even linen texture, they’re what you need to be investing in this season. My love of blazers stems back to literally being 14 years old, walkin’ the streets with my friends (embarrassing, i know) wearing some boyfriend fit jeans, yellow pointy (horrible) flats, yellow t-shirt and black cord blazer. That cord blazer legit lived with me and my style for a good ol’ year. Apparently recycling outfits was an actual thing when younger- hello thrifty old, Emma. Oh for it to be like this again… Anyway, this trusty blazer developed my long lasting love of them which to this day still goes strong, as they’re such an easy outfit updating piece, id be proper stupid to miss out.

Question is: Are you a blazer addict too?

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x Em x



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