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Throw it back around 3 weeks ago now, heading to a meeting at work , putting forward a piece of info that we’re running, lil’ discussion & 10 minutes later I’m walking out the room to find out that i’ll be going to Sydney in 10 days.YES, TEN DAYS.  Scary yet amazing all rolled into one, but then, the proper fear sets in…like WTF am I even going to pack?

Surprisingly 10 days goes by really quickly you know, after much planning and prep for the trip it amazed me to be checking in, packing a bag and heading to the airport. Still in a little dismay that it was happening and in honesty, really not looking forward to a 25 hour flight. Fast forward 25 long ass hours, and myself and Laura had hit Sydney, NSW.

You may be wondering what the hell we actually did whilst we were there, and for those of you who don’t know, I work within Influencer Marketing. Essentially to make this easier to break down, we met some pretty amazin’ ladies whether it was at events, meals or just general catch ups. Because being over the other side of the world can seriously make relationship building a lil’ bit harder. So, after maaaaany drinks, meals and chats we found ourself at the end of our 7 day world wind trip. For a greater sneak peak at just what we did in Sydney then keep your eyes peeled for another blog post soon!

And for now, it’s time to pack again- See you in 5 days, Paris!

P.s I love my job. x

*Photo’s taken in the amazing suburb of Surry Hills, Sydney.

What I wore:

Black cargo trousers, PLT

Adidas trainers, ASOS

Black (overly worn) bag, LOTD

Over-sized denim jacket, Topshop

Basic white Tee, boohoo

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