The Perfect Heel To Fall To The Floor In | Fashion

C’mon now, there’s gotta have been a time (or loads in my case) where you fell to the floor from havin’ an amazing time at your works Xmas doo, Boxing night out with the gals or a perfect date night with the boyfriend. No? Surely it ain’t just me…..

When it comes to December and the Crimbo period we’ll find that we’re at non-stop occasions and events that not only take up loads of our time and money, but also our wardrobe. Meaning that for every new event a new standout piece is required which can become ridiculously costly. However, what i’ve come to find is not only the perfect style heel for me, but that a new pair of killer heels can transform an ‘already insta’d’ outfit.
Lo and below I give you the perfect pointed court heels from Lace & Favour 
which are taking my outfits from basic to beaut this whole Christmas period.

So, I guess if I am falling to the floor i’m going have some amazing lookin’ feet.

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